Wednesday, September 23, 2009

This is why you should not make fun of people...

Every time I speak to my friend Jenna I end up making "fun" of something she says or does. It's all in good fun and we always laugh about it later but I always end up eating my words. For example when she first moved to California I made fun of her for not having any closed toed shoes. She was like "Were in Cali! You can wear open toed shoes year round" I was like " its Winter" Fast forward 5 years and I have realized that I am in fact "In Cali" and that you can in fact "wear open toed shoes year round". Eating my words.

Well, on Sunday I was talking to Jenna who had just got home from apple picking with her family. Of course, I giggled and compared my recent escapades to hers stating "Well, I am sure it was not as fun as apple picking but it was a good time".
Fast forward 5 minutes ago to a phone conversation with my mom. I called her to tell her I missed her. She said they had just got home from apple picking and wondered if I wanted to come over and make apple sauce with them. I cried. All I want to do right now is go apple picking. Eating my words.