Tuesday, February 27, 2007

New Years Eve

Jenna and I posing (as usual) at dinner... I eat
anything i want now that Jenna is pregnant. Ha Ha!
She just found out that she is having a little boy.
I cant wait for that little heart breaker to get here!

Brad, Liz, Dennis and Jenna at dinner. We ate a
really great Mexican restaraunt with the snottiest
hostesses. What a fun night!

This is us at our beach fire... we roasted marshmallows
and made smores. It was really a fun night!

Brad and I spent New Years Eve at Seascape, a resort just south of Santa Cruz, CA. We were in a nice big condo right on the beach. The guys (Brad, Dennis and Gary) stayed up all night playing cards. Jenna fell asleep right after midnight, and i wasn't far behind her. Jenna and I yelled are hearts out at the strike of midnight! (I had to ask Jenna to calm down) ha ha!!