Monday, April 23, 2007


Brad and I got some new bedding. With that we decided that we needed some new art to match. We looked and looked and didn't really find anything that we LOVED... plus art is expensive.
So, I decided we would do it ourselves!
We were really proud of our "masterpieces" until last night. While watching "The Sopranos" there was a scene at a mental hospital where the patients were doing arts and crafts and.... I am not kidding you here.... one of the paintings on the wall in the background was an exact replica of my painting. It was really sad.
Atleast we tried. Maybe some frames would help... What do you think?


Jared & Jen Christensen said...

Liz I love your mental hospital paintings. very creative. We are so excited to see you guys!!! Jared reminds me every day how many days are left. The count down has begun. Aloha.

bea said...

Just found this site. Why am I so far behind.

Your paintings are what I would like to achieve. Love them.

Gram Bea