Wednesday, June 6, 2007

More fun pictures from our trip to Utah...

Jumping on the Tramp with Morgan and Madison!

Isn't that amazing??? Brad is the tramp King!

My flip was weak... no air!
Brian flipping on the Tramp!

Morgan and Brian are really good on these
"2 Wheeled" skateboards. I can't remember
the name. Brad and I took a try... needles to say
he was better then me.

Brad and Madison playing a little B-ball!

This is Brad making fun of me. I showed them
my old Baton routine... and they all laughed at me!
I thought it was good!


Molly said...

I hear every good Mormon family has a trampoline. We obviously never had one...

The Wades said...

looks like you guys had SUCH a good time.