Tuesday, October 16, 2007

ok, ok, ok...

My goodness, I feed so loved and wanted! I mean really! I am sorry, I have been sooo busy and just really have not had much to say. I know how very annoying it is to bloggers when other bloggers dont update regulary so from the bottom of my heart... I am sorry. I will try to do better.
Brad has taken a new Job with Bank of America in San Francisco so we have been adjusting to a new schedule:
5:45 am Brad Wake up
6:40 am Brad Depart for Train station
6:41 am Liz in Panic that Brad has forgotten something (ie:lunch, phone, umbrella etc.)
Run around house in stuper making sure he has not.
6:45 am Liz in Shower
7:45 am Liz Depart
6:30 pm Liz home and off to gym
7:30 pm Liz and Brad Cross paths as Brad heads to Gym
7:35 pm Liz makes dinner
8:15 pm Brad back and sits down to dinner with Liz
9:00 pm Watch DVR (TIVO)
10:00 pm Bed!

Now, arent you glad you asked? So exciting I Know....

I think i have some pics i need to post... I'll be back!


The Hansen Family said...

You guys are busy! Brad, congrats on the job. What are you doing at B of A?