Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Chicago should be called the "Windy City"...

"Wait a minute... I think they do call it that." - Jenna Crandall

I had such a fun time in Chicago visiting Jenna, Dennis and Davis. Jenna and I spent one night in Chicago at the famous Drake Hotel. We got had a huge suite all to ourselves! We had the most amazing Steak dinner with yummy baked Mac n' Cheese (see above), we shopped, we had the yummiest Salted, Carmel Hot Chocolates from Starbucks, we played with Davis, we ate a Chicago deep dish pizza, I had a couple Chicago Style hot dogs and we laughed... a lot! Thanks Jenna for making it happen. Miss you!


Jenna said...

Fun Times! You make me laugh. The only reason I said that is because you didn't know that Chicago was called the windy city. I was just making sure you knew! Ha ha!