Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Holy Bachelor!

1.) OMG! What a circus. Brad pretended he was a producer for the entire show...he just kept saying "Are you rolling?"..."Are you getting this?" ..."He's crying again, get a camera over there!"
2.) I love that Mellisa stood up for herself and called Jason out.
3.) I love how disheveled Jason looked. Boy has issues.
4.) I loved the deer in headlights look that Molly had.
5.) I love that Jason and Molly started making out before Mellisa even left the building.
6.) I think Mellisa could be the next Bachelorette.
7.) I love that everyone in my office has been watching the show and I had no idea until today.
8.) I love that Kaylynn sent out spoilers that were actually true. I love having the inside scoop.

What did you think? Real or Fake?


Jenna said...

oh Liz! I'm still recovering from the gallon of ice cream I ate during the show. (like i told you I couldn't sit still) Seriously, could they have waited to make-out until after the show in respect for Melissa. I just loved her!o-well. Now what to watch?? Dancing with the Stars. love ya Liz!

The Hansen Family said...

Totally fake, and a total set-up. Molly was saying "well, we have a lot we need to talk about" and then five minutes later they were making out....staged. Jason has issues, and obviously has major relationship issues. Already divorced, and a called off engagement...major issues.

I think the Bachelor lost A LOT of viewers after this little stunt.

Erin said...

What the Bleep!!!! I couldn't believe the show. Of course I already knew what was going to happen because I am not patient and totally googled the final rose ceremony...but still. Unbelieveable! Did you get my message???

Dan and Katie said...

Hey what is the website for those wall stickers again?