Thursday, July 9, 2009

Photos from the Beach...

(Hanging at the Boardwalk with Brad and Mom)

(The Whalen Family. My sister Cortney, John and baby Moira)

(This is me and my back up band. My mom is the drummer, my dad is on the keys, Patrick kills on the harmonica and Richard is my guitar player. I laugh out loud every time is see it. Not bad for not knowing people were behind me huh? Whats with that fierce face of mine??)

(My Brothers Michael and Richard)

(My brother Mike and I)

(Cutie pie Moira... a real beach babe)

(Dad eating Moira's "piggies")
My pictures magically disappeared from my camera (I am heartbroken) so these are from my father. Does anyone know how to retrieve photos from a memory card??


Julia said...

You are one hot chick, Liz.
Yes, I know how to retrieve photos from a memory card. It should have come with a retrieval software, like a really small disc. Did you get one of those? If it's a sandisk, I have an extra I could get you. :)