Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!!

I was in line at Trader Joes when I opened this. I started laughing so hard the man behind me looked at me and said "I just gotta know what's so funny!" I told him that my girlfriend had just sent me the cutest Valentine. He quickly looked me up and down. I then said "No, not my girlfriend. You know my friend, she's a girl." He replied "It's ok, I dont need to know."

Happy Valentines Day!!


Erin said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! So funny.

Thanks for that.

YOu know, you and Jenna do make a cute couple!

The Montgomery's said...

I love it!!!!

Jenna said...

I am so glad it made you laugh. Dennis was making fun of me for making it! :) love you lots! Happy v-day!