Monday, April 12, 2010


I got about 24 hours with The Wades last week. Minus my severe allergy attack it was a fanastic time. We went out and took pictures and Julia let me ask her anything I wanted. I learned a ton of basic stuff about my camera and a ton of post production tricks I cant wait to use. Then we went to an amazing dinner with my parents. Thanks a ton to Julia and Jona for hosting me. You have perfect guest quarters. I loved Maggie (even though she makes my want to cry) and I loved being in your house. Can't wait to see you in June! xoxo


Jenna said...

Liz did you take this of Julia? Its beautiful.

Okay Julia next time you 2 get together to talk photos I am coming.Yes I'm inviting myself.

Julia Wade said...

LIZ I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!! i love you like crazy ... had an amazing day with you. xoxo

jenna ... you are so invited! :)