Saturday, May 8, 2010


Thanks to everyone who helped to make everyday so special!

April 2010 was one the most amazing months of my entire life. I did not leave my 20's quietly. 
If I ever feel like I have no friends or that my family has forgotten me I will come back to this post. 

Day 1

 (Calling it Day 1 even if it happened in March!)
Mani and Pedi's in SF
 Kate and Cheer

Day 2
Raleigh, NC
Julia and Jonathan 

Days 3-7
Myrtle Beach, SC
The Sands, Whalens and Bakers
Day 8
Manicures at Pinkies with Eve
Dinner at Kygetsu with Brad

Days 9-12
Las Vegas
SS Club Reunion
Jen, Lindsay and Jayne
Day 13
Birthday Breakfast at Work!

Day 17
Hosted by Laura Foster
attended by:
(yes, this many duplicate names)
Sarah, Sara, Katie, Katie, Courtney, Courtney, Kim, Kim, Molly, Amy, Whitney, 
Britney, Cheer, Candice, Eve and Annie!  

Days 28-30
Napa - Dr. Wilkinson's Mud Bath and Spa
San Francisco
Kelly Jo (the original BFF)

Gifts arrived in the mail almost EVERY DAY in April.
Just some of the many gifts I received. I mean REALLY???
Undeserved but greatly appreciated.

Thanks to Brad for being such a trooper. He even asked if we could keep celebrating into May.
 "Why stop?" he asked. 
Love him. 


Eve said...

so fun! im glad you had such a great birthday season! I agree with brad- why stop??

Molly and Jason said...

love that month!! wow! lucky girl! love what you did with the pics - so talented!!!

Heather said...

SO MUCH FUN!!! Looks like you had a FABULOUS Birthday you should have not matter the age.

Ryan and Christina said...

ahhhh wonderful! That was a bang and you deserve it! LOVE YOU!!