Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I am totally one of those crazy dog people...can you deal?

Brad gaver her a mohawk and we just couldn't stop laughing. Doesn't she just melt your heart??

My friend Jennifer gave Abby this new toy (It says "Sniffany & Co.") and some amazing gourmet doggy treats! This is one spoiled dog!

My sister Cortney sent her that crazy pink thing she is wearing, a new pink collar and a cute book about a dog getting adopted. Abby loved it all! She hasn't even tried to get out of the outfit.

Dogs are just too fun.


Ryan and Ashley said...

Liz, she is so cute! You are such a good mom to her!

Julia said...

welcome to the crazy dog person club!! we love it. they're like training wheels, right? :)

abby is so dang cute!

katie said...

you decided to keep her!!?!?!! yay!!! now she can come over for playdates with soren!!:):) can't wait to see me!