Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I need help...I am obsessed with Gossip Girl!

Have you seen it? Do you love it?

I will admit it's a bit "risque" for the supposed target audience but I am a grown women, I can handle it...right? No, not right, I am completely obsessed. I can't stop thinking about Dan (Penn Badgley) or Nate (Chase Crawford)... I just want to love them, like really love them!

Quick show summary:

"The show is set around a Manhattan prep school, the focus is on Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively), a renowned party girl who returns from an unexplained stay in boarding school with a decidedly lower-key demeanor. Nevertheless, her arrival arouses the competitive spirit of alpha bitch Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester), a predatory junior Joan Collins who practically breathes fire out of her pinched, perfectly WASP-ish nostrils.

Providing a grounding element, meanwhile, are the middle-class Dan (Penn Badgley), who quickly connects with Serena, and his eager-to-please younger sister Jenny (Taylor Momsen). Yet while Jenny's drawn to the swanky clubs the kids frequent, those waters are filled with sharks like the sneering Chuck (Ed Westwick), who gets burdened with dialogue like telling a friend that he's "entitled to tap that a#$" and hissing, "I love freshmen."

Ah, kids these days. What with the scheming, seducing and near-date-raping, it's a wonder anybody has the time to study." -Variety

If you have not seen it no worries, they are re-airing the season starting with the pilot on Mondays at 8 PM. Beware... you might not be able to stop once you start.


Julia said...

ya, so i never got in to that one - jona forbid it after my OC obsession. :)

Dennis & Jenna said...

You got me obsessed and I was a little confused about when this season started so I missed this season. Can't wait to get caught up again! It is a little risque but we all have guilty pleasures...right?