Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I am going to miss Jenna and here's (just some of the reasons) why...

  1. She is so happy.
  2. She lets me make up ridiculous, exaggerated stories about her, us or whatever then listens to me tell them over and over again.
  3. She always smiles when I stop by and she never makes me leave.
  4. She asks me how I'm doing.
  5. She gives me little surprise gifts!
  6. Our scary movie parties.
  7. She lets me be me and never judges, she just laughs.
  8. Free Microdermabrasion.
  9. The good example she sets for me.
  10. Shopping. We know how to shop.
  11. Baby Davis and Big "D"
  12. Someone to try new things with. (ie: Pilates, juicing, Swimming, Tennis, Rollerblading, Walking, Suzanne Summers, Raw Food, PT, Step etc.)
  13. She just kind of "gets" me ( and has learned to "get" Brad)
  14. She has helped me learn how to have and be a friend. Something I did not know I needed.
From the first time I saw her I knew I wanted to be her friend. She was fabulous (and still is). She played hard to get (or maybe she just did not want to be my friend) but I persisted... and I am glad I did. I am sad she is leaving but so excited for the new adventure they have ahead of them. I am so proud of Dennis, he worked so hard and his dream is coming true! I will be hard for me to drive by their street and not turn (the only thing stopping my will be the fear of running into Don.)


Tyler & Cheer said...

She is pretty awesome huh!

Eve said...

Where is Jenna Going? lets hang out! End of Feburary i will have a normal/sane schedule, so we should get together!

Dennis & Jenna said...

Thank you Thank You! You forgot to mention how funny I am when I'm on pain medication! Or how gorgeous I look in braces! Well I can write a list a mile long of you! Thanks for making me smile!Love ya and miss ya already! BTW...its freezing here!

Dennis & Jenna said...

me agian! Where did u get your juicy outfit u wore over the other day. I can't find that color anywhere and Dennis asked for a hint for Valentines. :)

thebakerbook said...

Hey You! We just back from Tahoe so i can feel your pain when it comes to the cold!! I got that juicy sweat suit while i was in South Carolina at some little boutique. Sorry!

thebakerbook said...

ps. Miss you!