Tuesday, January 8, 2008


My older brother Sean and his family have been living in Madrid, Spain for over 2 years. With the fear that they may soon be transferred, my family visiting there from NY and Brad needing some time to focus on MBA applications I decided last minute to make a trip over there! It was amazing. This was my first trip to Europe. and what a great place to start!
My sister-in-law Kelly and niece Shannan (seen in pics above) were great tour guides. Kelly was a great driver and navigator (with a little help from Tom Tom) and Shannan was a great translator.

I have so many great memories but some of the highlights of my trip were:

  • Spending time with Sean, Kelly, Shannan, Connor, Erin and Liam
  • Late night TV with Shannan
  • Toledo
  • My adventure to Salamanca
  • Food: Our bargain Lunch at the Castle, Jamon and Lentahas
  • Open Markets
  • Francos Tomb( see the huge Cross)
  • “Me llamo Earl” with Kelly
  • Three Kings Parade
  • The steal game with My mom, dad, brothers and the McDevitts
Not so favorite memories from the trip:
  • Spanish drivers
  • The olives taste funny
  • The black cat in Salamanca
  • Jet lag
  • 26 hour trip home
  • Missing Brad
My brother and his family our so very generous and patient! Thanks for making my trip soooo amazing.


Erin said...

You could not be any cuter. Oh how I love you! When can I come and see you?

The Kentucky Bakers said...

Liz--we miss you guys so much. Your pictures are beautiful and it looks like you had so much fun! I hope you are doing well with your jet lag! It bites--I though three hours was hard. haha