Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Run for something this weekend....

My friend Erin is one of the most amazing people I have ever met. She is loving, out going, true to her faith, patient etc. (the list goes on and on). Some of you may have gotten to know her as she has made a habit of commenting on the blogs of perfect strangers (which happen to be many of you). Anyway, Erin is running for President Hinkley this Saturday as part of the Marathon Mommies tribute to him. I thought I would invite any and all of the many runners out there to run on Saturday in memory of our beloved Gordon B. Hinkley. If anyone is up for a 3 miler Saturday morning let me know. I would to do it as a group. Check out these blogs for the whole story.
Erin's blog:
Marathon Mommies at:


Erin said...

It is weird that I comment on strangers blogs, isn't it. Am I a Freak? Must Be! No Shame! Really, I'm just jealous of you and all your friends that get to see you regularly.

Ed & Lindsey said...

Where is the run? I was just thinking of you and wondering when I would see you again and was going to ask if you wanted to join us for runs on Saturdays. Looks like I might be joining you this Saturday. Please send me the info. Also...I had/have a Christmas card for you that I never sent b/c I wanted to give you some cookies too. If I don't see you this weekend I'll probably just mail it. :) Sorry it's so late!