Monday, December 1, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Rock Band was the big hit this Thanksgiving! We were like the Partridge Family....ok maybe the Jackson Five.
Moira is the sweetest little baby. She kept falling asleep on my chest, what a cuddler!!
Thanksgiving dinner was yummy and spending time with my family was needed in a big way!


Jen Christensen said...

Yes! Come see us! We'll be around and we live right downtown so I'm sure we're close to your hotel. And we'll be in Utah and Sacramento for Christmas, I'm sure we can catch you guys at some point over the holidays.

Jenna said...

LOVE LOVE rock band! Brad looks like a rock star.What a little cuddler she is. I love that stage. I love seeing the family pictures.

Hey I laughed out loud today in the elevator. People were looking at me like...what??? I was simply thinking of when the Drake elevator almost knocked me out!

Owen's Mommy said...

Ah Richard! Who is your friend in the last post??? She looks SOOOO familiar.