Monday, December 1, 2008

HEADLINE: "Liz Baker does her part to Stimulate the Economy"

This is me at Saks completely over shopping... I was so tired. I think Jen could have gone another 24 hours!!!
Yes, this is the one and only Tim Gunn!!! We saw him shopping at Bendel's (my favorite store in the whole world)! He kept saying "Shop, Shop, Shop!!"

I love NY during the Holidays . Some of the decorations are amazing!!

Yes, Abby came with me. She hated her carrier, but was so happy to see so many new places!!

I had such a fun trip to NYC! I got to have dinner with my little brother Michael in Brooklyn and stay with my friend Jen and Family in Jersey City!!! Jen and I met at SVC almost 8 years ago and were destined to be the best of friends. She is so fun and easy going. I could hang with her all day every day. Her cute little boy, Ethan and handsome husband Mike aren't so bad either!! Thanks for such a fun time.


Jenna said...

You look way too cute! So glad you had the best time over the holidays! I'm dying over Abby in her carrier! :) Poor thing!

Julia said...

What a good, loyal US citizen you are. Um, next time you go to NC I am coming with you. Just FYI.